How to build for strength

Building Strength

Building strength is a little different than building muscle, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. Have you every noticed the difference between a bodybuilder and a powerlifter? One would think that a bodybuilder is stronger than a powerlifter but that is no generally the case. See bodybuilders look bigger because they do higher reps and stretch the muscle bellies.


So in order to build strength you will want to stay in the lower rep range and use the major power movements to help increase strength levels. These movements are very well known and have been used for years by powerlifters. Bench press, some powerlifters are killing the bench now a days with bench press over 700 pounds being done pretty easy. Squats this is another lift that is making huge headlines with athletes over 1000 pounds. These weights are insane, I can’t imagine having 1000 pounds on my back and squating down to the floor. Another well known lift is the Deadlift which people are pulling ¬†well over 700 pounds on this movement as well.

how to build for strength

So how do you get this strong? Well these athletes practice a few movements and train with heavy weights. Generally most powerlifters stick to under an 8 rep exercise count. Now a lot of these powerlifters practice explosive training as well. This is done with lighter weights but the key is to move the weight as fast as possible exploding off the bottom as fast as you can. This will help the body learn to explode out of the hole when it comes to trying to move that heavy weight. This can be a huge benefit if it’s mastered properly.

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